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Title Vernon "Babe" Anderson
Collection Oral History Collection
Object Name Transcript
Date 2008/02/20
Year Range from 2008
Year Range to 2008
Narrator's name Anderson, Vernon George "Babe"
Interviewer McLeod, Maria
Description Transcript of Vern George "Babe" Anderson oral history as interviewed by Maria McLeod on February 20, 2008.

Vern "Babe" Anderson, interviewed by Maria McLeod, 02/20/2008. Vern "Babe" Anderson discusses his grandparents (particularly Tolle Anderson) and parents, his childhood and his family's homestead, working in a dairy, his military experiences, development in Issaquah, and his later years and bachelor life.

In this interview with Vern "Babe" Anderson recorded on February 20, 2008, Vern "Babe" Anderson describes:

Page 1: How his parents were from Illinois, and his maternal grandfather's grocery - John's Grocery;

Pages 2-3: His paternal grandfather Tolle Anderson, and his brother Rodney;

Page 4: The "hanging tree;"

Pages 5-6: His paternal grandfather's death, and his family's land holdings;

Pages 7-9: His paternal grandfather's grain business, horses, and how the barn on his property had been a mill;

Pages 9-10: His paternal grandfather's jobs - on the railroad, as a miner, and on his homestead near Echo Lake;

Pages 10-13: His paternal grandfather's timber, grain (Superior Trading Company), beer-delivery dn real estate businesses, and how he sold the grain business to Grange Mercantile;

Pages 14-16: Taverns, particularly Goode's Corner Tavern;

Pages 16-17: Northwest Milk Condensing Companies, and working in dairies;

Pages 18-19: The Issaquah Creamery, and how to condense milk;

Pages 19-21: Memories of his paternal grandparents;

Page 22: His father's family, and their draying business;

Page 23: How his uncles continued the draying business, and the family horses;

Pages 24-26: Horses, the family farm, and his childhood home;

Page 27: His brother Rodney's family;

Pages 28-30: His childhood home, and his chores;

Page 31: How one of their houses was physically moved to a new location by the Shanghnessy Moving Company;

Pages 32-34: His father's construction and hunting injuries;

Pages 35-36: His home located at 625 Rainier Boulevard North;

Pages 36-37: Fishing;

Page 37: His father's construction projects in Issaquah, including Wold's hardware store;

Page 38: His jobs after high school - in construction with his father and as a maintenance engineer at a dairy;

Pages 39-42: His earlier jobs - washing ice cream jugs, stirring cottage cheese vats, working on dairy boilers and assorted other dairy work;

Pages 42-43: 1949 and 1965 earthquakes;

Page 43: His first draft notice;

Pages 44-48: His military service;

Page 49: His family's homes and land purchases;

Pages 49-51: How his family's land will become an Issaquah park;

Page 51: Population growth;

Page 52: The sewer system by the Works Progress
Administration (WPA);

Page 53: The Civil Conservation Corps (CCC);

Pages 53-54: His brother's military service;

Page 55-56: Memories of his brother, and of high school;

Page 56-58: World War II - drills, blackouts, first aid training and job growth;

Page 58: How he belonged to the Masons, and his father to the Ku Klux Klan (KKK);

Pages 59-60: The Ku Klux Klan (KKK);

Pages 60-63: Population growth in Issaquah and Squak Mountain;

Page 63: How the high school buckled in the 1949 earthquake;

Pages 63-66: How he suffers from multiple myeloma and is currently being treated with thalidomide;

Page 67: His bachelor lifestyle;

Page 68: Fishing on Gold River;

Page 69: His nickname "Babe" and his mother's family - the Johns;

Page 70: Jeff Jones and his wife;

Page 71: His aging.
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Subjects Automobiles
Bars & Saloons
Bianco Mine
Emergency Preparedness
Fischer's Market
Front Street
Gardens and Yards
Gilman Village
Goode's Corner
Grocery Store
Historic Preservation
Issaquah High School
Ku Klux Klan (KKK)
Mine, Bianco
Population Growth
Social and Personal Activity
Streets and Roads
Tolle Anderson Farm
World War II
People Anderson, Albert
Anderson, Betty
Anderson, Christina Johnson
Anderson, David
Anderson, E.J.
Anderson, Elmer C.
Anderson, Evelyn
Anderson, Guy
Anderson, John
Anderson, Norman
Anderson, Oscar J.
Anderson, Rodney
Anderson, Ruth Johns
Anderson, Tolle
Anderson, Vern "Babe"
Boni, Angelo
Clark, George
Clark, George Currie
Corra, Bob
Darst, Andrew
Ek, Anton
Fisher, John
Forster, Hans Jr.
Gibson, William Elry
Giese, Albert
Hillery, Dr, Dana
Horrocks, Dave Jr.
Hume, Truman
Johns, Clifford
Johns, George
Johns, Ruth Ada Gascoyne
Johnson, Gordon
Jones, Jacob Jr.
Malsby, Dean
Parker, Ed
Pickering, Gordon
Rowley, George
Smith, P.J
Spranger, Greg
Stefani, Clem
Walimaki, Ida Maude Goode
Walter, Carl
Walters, Charlie
Watkins, Walt
Wold, Andrew L.
Wold, Henrietta Walter
Wold, Lars
Wold, Mary
Wold, Sena
Catalog Number 2008.012.001t
Transcriptionist Miller, Penny