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Title Ivan Darst
Collection Oral History Collection
Object Name Transcript
Date 1977/07/11
Year Range from 1977
Year Range to 1977
Narrator's name Darst, Ivan
Interviewer Fish, Harriet
Description Transcript of Ivan Darst (with wife Rachel and daughter Colleen) oral history as interviewed by Harriet Fish on July 11, 1977.

Ivan Darst, interviewed by Harriet Fish, 07/11/1977. Ivan Darst discusses a set of photographs whose images involve family members, an old wooden school building, coal mining, a Revolutionary soldier, Native Americans, and moonshine. TRANSCRIPTION NOTE: Both the analog tapes and the CD are very difficult to understand. There are many inaudible sections and transcription was abandoned without completion.

In this interview with Harriet Fish recorded on July 11, 1977, Ivan Darst describes:

Page 1: How he is an Issaquah native;

Pages 2-3: His family structure and his Irish grandfather;

Page 4: Coal mining;

Page 5-7: His school days, supposed damage to the school building from an earthquake, and helping his father with school janitorial duties;

Page 8: How the school building was torn down;

Page 9: Carbon monoxide, Grand Ridge tunnel, and the difficulties with tunneling;

Page 10: Black Nugget and Vaughn's Hill, and how the tunnel was a horseshoe-shape;

Page 11: His grandfather's discipline technique with a shillelagh;

Page 12: A picture of his grandmother and the Number 4 Squak School;

Page 13: How his wife Rachel moved to Issaquah and how her father was a farmer;

The interviewer tells a story about her recent experience at a gas station.

Page 15: The poor direction Issaquah is headed, how Weyerhaeuser is cutting down trees, and the possible sale of the watershed near Tradition;

Page 16: How in 1907, Seguin became Sequim;

Page 17: A picture of a Revolutionary soldier, and a picture of his aunt who had taken care of him;

Page 18: How one house was in four different towns (name changes), and the origin of the Olney surname;

Page 19: The naming of Issaquah, and how the rail station had been Olney and Gilman at various times;

Page 20: A picture of a Native American midwife, a picture of a dog, and a picture of a woman surnamed Bush;

Page 21: A picture of a minister, a picture that includes deaf cards, and a picture of his sister's family - the Gundersons;

Page 22: Moonshining on Grand Ridge;

Page 23: Prohibition and the location of miners' houses.
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Subjects Alcohol
City of Issaquah
Issaquah High School
Mine, Grand Ridge
Miners, Coal
People Darst, Colleen
Darst, Emily Ann Bush
Darst, Ivan
Darst, James
Darst, Lorraine
Darst, Madie
Darst, Patrick
Darst, Ralph
Dilley, Rachel
Grogh, Jeffrey
Louie, "Indian" Jonnie
Louie, Mary
McNamee, Alfred J.
Peterson, Al
Reynolds, Andrew
Reynolds, Mary
Walker, Carl
Catalog Number 88.001.004t
Transcriptionist Miller, Penny